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Kogiya is about bringing traditional Korean dishes to a vibrant dining experience. We start with quality ingredients like well-marbled short ribs and tender pork belly. Then we bring a young, energetic team trained to be service-oriented and masters of the grill. Paired with an visually appealing industrial interior we strive to create the overall dining experience. Come on by, we would love to take good care of you! -Sylvia (Owner/Founder)   View our full menu

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KOGI means Korean BBQ. YA translates to Hey in Korean. Hey it's Korean BBQ!

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Kogiya is a family owned Korean BBQ Restaurant.
It started with a blank slate, just an empty building. We did the renovations ourselves and built into the place all of our hopes and dreams. We want to give you a tasty, fun, communal dining experience. Stop by and let us know what you think!
TIPS before you arrive:
1. Carpool: We have a small parking lot & wish we could do more about it (it has been a challenge since we first moved in). Be aware of the neighboring lots--some tow right away.
2. Call Ahead: Get your name on the wait list. We do not take reservations (guarantee seating times) so this is the fastest way to get in, especially on weekends. The earlier you call the better--wait lists can get capped on weekends. Be prepared to wait even with a call ahead.
3. Bring Your Appetite: We won't let you leave until your completely full.

Call: 703-942-6995 or Visit - Hours 10:30AM to 2AM daily

Kogiya Korean BBQ

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